Gameloop is the perfect Emulator for playing PUBG Mobile on your computer. There are alternatives like LD Player, which are good but in my personal experience, I’ve found that Gameloop offers better performance when it comes to mobile games and call of duty mobile specifically! So today we have created what you need as far as settings go with this tool- an easy guide about how best to configure them so they work perfectly with your device’s specifications
I hope these tips help make things a little less complicated while still keeping up high standards since there really isn’t much else out there besides “one size fits all” solutions anyway.

There are separate PUBG Mobile settings guides and call of duty mobile game modes, but what if you want to tune your PC for a better gaming experience?
The Gameloop Performance Guide can help with that by teaching how we changed these three types :

  • New Gameloop Settings
  • PC System Settings
  • PUBG Mobile Game Settings

Game loops are an awesome way for gamers of all levels and skillsets to enjoy their game more. They’re crucial in any competitive game, like PUBG Mobile, where you need that little extra edge – especially if your opponent has reached high ranks already with thousands upon thousands of hours played under his belt (or hers). So without any further ado let us jump right into increasing our Gamelooper performance so we can top him/her at every turn.

Increasing Your Gameloop 7.1 performance for PUBG Mobile

Gameloop performance Settings

1) Downloading Gameloop For PUBG Mobile.

My recommendation is to always use the installer for games you want. If your computer only has PUBG installed, then I would recommend installing it through Gameloop’s website rather than clicking “Play Now” on a marketplace site like One Eleven Nine or Google Play Store–it’s safer and more reliable!

So go ahead and visit our webpage at where all these awesome game installers are available in case any new releases come out so we can keep up with what everyone else enjoys playing too.

Download the PUBG Mobile Installer, as shown in the image below:

PUBG Mobile Installer

PUBG Mobile Installer

Complete the game installation. It is pretty simple.

Go to Gameloop settings

General Settings

General Settings

General Settings

Enabled everything except Autorun at startup

Set Language: English

Set Country: USA

Save These Settings

Keeping Gameloop in the best fix windows ratio Mode will increase network speed and download speed for games and updates in Gameloop as well as PUBG Mobile.

3) Gameloop Engine Settings:

Gameloop Engine Settings

Gameloop Engine Settings

Rendering: Direct X+ or OpenGL + (Update 2022)

Direct X+ gives the best performance and quality balance for Gameloop performance and PUBG Mobile FPS.

Update: Some older GPUs seem to perform better with OpenGL instead of DirectX. So to make sure you get the best FPS, simply try both. The rest of the settings are the same. You can refer to the table below for reference. It’s a good approximation.

  • Directx+ = Good GPU + CPU
  • Directx = Good Gpu + Medium GPU
  • OpenGL+ = Good GPU + Medium CPU
  • OpenGL= Medium CPU+ Medium GPU

Anti-aliasing: Closed/Disabled

This unnecessarily takes up a lot of RAM and processor power. It also causes display glitches in PUBG Mobile. Turn this off. The option is called close in Gameloop settings.

Memory: Same as your RAM

You need to keep it at the same value as your system RAM or slightly lower. Set 4096MB if you have more than 4GB RAM on your system.

Processor: Same as your System Processors Cores

Keep it the same as your System Cores. Let Gameloop take all the power it needs. You won’t be able to use other applications while the game is running. But for a low-end system, there are no other alternatives.

Resolution: Your Monitor Resolution

The 1280×720 resolution of your monitor will give the best Performance and  Gameplay Experience for Gameloop. Change this only if your game is lagging even after changing all other settings.

DPI: 320

The recommended DPI for PUBG Mobile by Tencent.

4) Gameloop Game Settings:

The game settings of Gameloop and PUBG Mobile are vital in determining how well you will perform.

Gameloop Game Settings

Gameloop Game Settings

PUBG: 720p For Low-End PCs

Graphics Quality: Set Smooth only

FPS: 30 or Default

Gaming Resolution: Same as your Monitor Resolution

This has a huge impact on the quality, so do not decrease it. You might get faster performance by choosing the lowest option, but in-game you will have difficulty spotting enemies and getting chicken dinners. What’s the fun in that?

Display Quality: Smooth

Smooth is the best quality for the sake of performance in PUBG Mobile’s new update. This will make sure you get a lag-free experience while playing PUBG Mobile.


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