Mobile Legends is an online game that can be played on PC. It features 3D graphics and MOBA gameplay like League of Legends, DOTA 2, or CS: GO while still having its own unique style that makes it different from these popular titles in the genre.

This game has quickly become one of the most popular e-sports in Asia, with top players traveling all over to compete. The 5 vs 5 multiplayer gameplay makes it easy for anyone can jump into this action-packed arcade-style shooter without worrying about learning how to play first!

Mobile Legends bang bang on Tencent Gaming Buddy

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a multiplayer online battle arena mobile game developed and published by Shanghai Moonton Technology. The game has become popular in Southeast Asia and will be a medal event at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games

Mobile Legends bang bang

Join your friends in a brand new 5v5 MOBA showdown against real human opponents, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Choose your favorite heroes and build the perfect team with your comrades-in-arms! 10-second matchmaking, 10-minute battles. Laning, juggling, tower rushing, team battles, all the fun of PC MOBAs and action games in the palm of your hand! Feed your eSports spirit!

Why Use Game Loop Tencent for Mobile Legends bang bang

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Install Mobile Legends bang bang on Game Loop Emulator

First Download & Install Game Loop Official Emulator

Open Game Loop and Click on Game Center
Now Click on Mobile Legends.

Server Vietnam or International
Finally, Click on Install Button

After installation, Your Ready To Play The Game

Main Features

  • Premier MOBA on mobile platform arrives on PC without compromises.
  • 5v5 battles against real opponents, on traditional MOBA maps with 18 defense turrets and 2 wild bosses.
  • Take advantage of teamwork and strategy to win against your opponents.
  • Fast-paced matches, perfect for both mobile and PC play.
  • Easy to master simple controls.
  • 10 seconds to matchmake, 10 minutes to finish a match!
  • Get back to the active match even if you lose the internet connection. During your away time, your hero will be AI-controlled and be ready for your return.
  • Playable on PC via optimized Android emulator on both home PCs and laptops.
  • Available on all modern versions of Windows OS.
  • 100% FREE!

To play this game on your PC, download a bit larger archive that also has an emulator. The file will convert the app into a playable windows program without any performance penalties or quality loss!

Mobile Legends: Bang bang trailer

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