At first, I took things at face value when Activision Support said that controllers weren’t supported for Call of Duty Mobile. It was from an official source, after all, and it seemed to be such a cut-and-dry issue. But as I’m learning, things are a lot more complicated with Call of Duty Mobile than they necessarily appear, and you can, in fact, use a controller to play this game through totally legitimate channels.


Fair warning: it’s complicated, weird, and not worth the effort. But people who play video games are used to that sort of thing, so let’s forge ahead.


So, to start with, you can’t use a controller with Call of DutyMobile on a mobile device. That’s still not supported, though it could be supported in the future. But here we draw a distinction between Call of DutyMobile on a mobile device and Call of DutyMobile on a PC because 2022 is a weird place.

While android emulators that allow people to play mobile games on a PC are nothing new, this situation is a little bit different because everything here is on the level. GameLoop is an official android emulator from Tencent, the Chinese gaming giant with a hand in Call of Duty Mobile as well as a giant swath of the gaming industry at this point. It’s using Call of Duty Mobile as a kind of flagship game right now, so this is clearly what it’s intended to be used for. All you have to do is go to and download it. Fun is right in the name! Once you’ve got the launcher, just download Call of Duty Mobile, and thanks to Kotaku for making me aware of this thing.

The easiest way to play Call of Duty mobile here is with a mouse and keyboard, and that’s also bound to be the most accurate, effective way to play, something I’m also learning as I transition to being a PC player in Destiny 2 and discovering that Sniper Rifles are suddenly usable. But controllers are possible too, even if they require a little bit of finagling.

You have to first enable them on the right-hand side of the screen where you see a little keyboard icon, and then things get a bit complicated. You have to map all of the controller buttons to the corresponding control areas on the screen.

Here’s a handy YouTube tutorial from CumputerSluggish that shows you not only how to start doing this, but where each button needs to go:

Setup Gameloop Call of duty Mobile Controller in 2022

Do that, and you can play the game on a PC, with a controller. If you mess around with HDMI you can even play it on your TV, creating a strange facsimile of the full-scale Call of Duty experience for those without a console.


It’s not going to be the full thing, naturally, as you’ve got no single-player campaign, the multiplayer is full of bots, everything revolves around microtransactions and it’s just a different game more or less top to bottom. But still! You can do it. So there you have it.

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