This morning, developers of Genshin Impact went live on social media to share details about the forthcoming 2.3 update that will be made available to players on Playstation 4 and Steam next week. Details included significant seasonal additions that were revealed by the team via Livestream.

Limited character events are also being made available for free for all players simultaneously before additional limited-edition characters will return to several platforms after they leave the game for their next appearance. The latest major story event is entitled “Shadows Amidst Snowstorms,” taking several dutiful heroes through dangerous encounters within the dragon spine region, similar to how some dutiful members of your development team might have experienced some challenges last night working on this update that players will encounter.

Two new artifact sets are being added soon too, enabling healers and geo characters more effectively in every kind of battle!

For players who were not able to obtain Albedo and Eula on their initial release, miHoYo has confirmed that their event banners will be running at the same time for 2.3. This is a part of the new character banner type where a single guaranteed pull count will be shared between two character banners, meaning that older characters may return at a higher frequency, but free-to-play players might have to skip more banners in order to save premium currency for a future character.

The highly anticipated return of Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact was teased earlier this month. Arataki has been a fan favorite since the original Sangokushi and several people online have expressed extreme excitement at learning not only that he’s getting his own limited time quest battle but also to be able to get the opportunity to get hold of him for their own play-throughs!

This five-star character wields a geo claymore and is often depicted with Chinese-style robes that stand out among other characters. His limited event banner will include the four-star Gorou, an expert bowman who was a frequent ally during the Sangonomiyan resistance storyline in main quests. Gorou’s special event quest (requiring hangout choices) will also make it rather simple for players to acquire him while playing main quests instead of spending resources on each roll while not having any.


Shadows Amidst Snowstorms” is a limited-time event coming to Ormu this update, and it takes place in the Dragonspine Mountains. In addition to a new storyline, the event brings an exploration minigame, combat challenges, and a snowman-decorating feature.

Players who complete the event can obtain the free four-star sword Cinnabar Spindle as a reward! The event will also confer rewards that can be used to build snowmen during the event, which can be used during this winter season(wording) all December long in your house – for those who would like some winter magic with their Serenitea (wording).

“Bantan Sango Case Files: The Warrior Dog” is a smaller stealth event in the Inazuma region. Players can earn event rewards for rescuing missing animals, which are guarded by a powerful ninja dog who is helping his human ally. After the event, players can earn the Abicito Cat Net, a gadget that allows players to recreate animals for their homes. With today’s update, Paimon can also be added to the Serenitea realm as a friend.

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