Free Fire Game Download in Jio Phone [Updated] APK, PlayStore Installing NEW Process

New Updated Garena Free Fire Game APK Download in Jio Phone from Play Store:The famous battle royale game, Free Fire is now available for download on Jio phones! Download it through google play store or given mention direct link. But users need to know that they cannot install an apk file because of their phone model which won’t support this function according to tech experts
It seems like you’re having some trouble downloading free fire from our website? We recommend trying another browser unless your current one works just fine too but we would love if cha could leave us comment below with what type/model do ya have so I can help out anyone else who might

Garena Free Fire Download Install in Jio Phone

The free fire game has been downloaded by 500 million people through the google play store. Most websites and videos claim to run this on Jio phones, but we prove that it doesn’t work because you can’t download an apk file for your phone here- just follow these instructions below if interested!
A few days ago there was a new app in town: Free Fire Mobile Game By Garena Entertainment Inc.. It’s designed specifically with iOS users who want something fun without paying; however – many Android Users were excited as well since they usually downloaded already.

Overview of Free Fire Battleground 2022

Name of App Free Fire Booyah Day
Offered by Garena International I Private Limited
Size of App App Size 615 MB
App Launched Date Before Three Year
Current Version 1.68.1 Version (Update On 27 November)
Required Android 4.0.3 and UP
Latest update 27 November
Update Size in APK 45.1 MB
Update Size Google Paly Store 45 Mb
Update Size in OBB file is 551.75 MB
Article Category Free Fire Game Download in Jio Phone
Status Given below
Download Link Click here
Not Install in Jio Phone


Garena Free Fire: BOOYAH Day Jio Phone Fake News

Recently a video claiming that Free Fire can be downloaded onto Jio Phones went viral. The news has excited game enthusiasts and users are eager to try out this new game on their phone but it turns out all the cool stuff was just marketing hype–the app doesn’t actually work without an IOS device!
A more accurate notification would’ve said “This content may not exist” or something similar because when you read through the input sentence(s), there were some key details leftOut

Why Jio Phone Cannot Support Free Fire Game

The news has been viral all over social media about a new game called “Free Fire.” This exciting mobile app allows you to play top-down shooters with friends on your phone, and it’s available for both Android or iOS users! However there are some things we need clarification on before downloading this onto our device: firstly does Jio Phone support KaiOS (the operating system used by second generation ji orbiting phones) which does not allow access to apps like google play store? And secondly even if they did install something else instead would still receive Security Risk due an Officer Down virus?”

Jio Phone Specification

  • Jio phone uses Kia Operating System and Free Fire is only available for IOS and Android.
  • Jio Phones only has 512 MB Ram and it is not sufficient for the game.
  • This game has complex actions which is not possible to operate from keypad phones and Jio Phone is a keypad phone.

How to Download Free Fire Game For Android Users

Step 1: Go to the Play Store on your device.

Step 2: Search Free Fire and the game will appear on the screen.

Step 3: Click on the install button.

Step 4: Open the game when it is installed. and start playing.


Q1. Can I play a free Fire game on Jio phone?

Ans. No, Free Fire is not compatible with the Jio phone.

Q2. Can I play the Free Fire game on the PC?

Ans. Yes, you can play a free fire game on PC with a PC emulator version of the game.

Q3. From where can I download Free Fire Game?

Ans. You can download a free fire game from the play store.

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