Got tired of waiting for the lag in Gameloop to occur? Want a way around it and can play Pubg Mobile smoothly on PC, then this article is for you! In order fix your Tencent Gaming Buddy (“TGB”) or other games’ lags problems with no hassle – try out one of these 10 ideas from us here.

Which gameloop versions should I choose?

Gameloop is an excellent Tencent emulator for pubg mobile games. It’s previously known as the gaming buddy, and later on changed its name to game loop because there are two versions available: Global version which can be used outside China; alternatively, you have access with your Chinese friends through their respective app stores/websites that offer game downloading functions (it would likely state where).
It’s definitely worth checking out especially if you want something simple yet still effective despite being easy on resources!

I’ve never seen a game that was so different from the global version to its Chinese counterpart. If you play Pubgm in this one, then there is about an 80% chance of getting banned because it’s only available for people who live over there and not us Americans who use Game Loop (the latter being their international equivalent). So unless you are willing to roll back like me – keep playing on our side!

Gameloop is a game emulator that runs on high-end devices with powerful graphics cards. However, even if you have the greatest of PC’s or consoles it can still cause lag due to Pubgm being an online-based which means there are no ways for players who experience this problem directly involved in their sessions as well so they’re left without any choice but reducing its effects by using methods below:

Best Ideas to fix Lag in Gameloop

Which Gameloop Should you use?

Gameloop fix lag

Recently, the game loop team has launched a new version of their game called ‘Gamelop beta‘. It’s smoother than ever and can be played without lagging! I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do.
The best part is that if your computer crashes or something happens to delete this app then all your progress will still stay saved on our servers where we keep copies for each user account- no need to recycle those old batteries.

Choosing Best Settings For Gameloop emulator

Best Settings For Gameloop emulator

Best Settings For Gameloop emulator

Better emulators offer their services to change settings according to the user’s needs. Sometimes improper game loop settings can cause unexpected lag, which I will discuss in detail on how you should be changing these for low-, medium- and high-end devices!

First, open the settings tab of the game loop and open the engine category and follow my instruction.

For New Updated Version:
Engine Category

In the updated version, OpenGL and DirectX have been removed and smart mode has been renamed to auto as you can see in the images below.

  1. Screen Renedering Mode

When you keep your screen rendering mode in opengl+, you might face an in-game error like a black window when you play video in the game. To avoid such an error, I would suggest you keep directx+.

Enable all the options except vertical sync. Vertical sync will cause more lag if you have low-end devices. But you can enable others as listed below.

  • Rendering cache
  • Force global rendering cache
  • Prioritize discrete graphics card
  • Rendering Optimization
gameloop settings

gameloop settings

2) Anti-aliasing:  Make sure to turn off this option. Turning on causes more lag.

3) Memory: If you have an 8 GB ram, put 4096MB, or for 16GB, put 8192MB. In short, put half the ram you have on your pc.

4) Processor: Place the core you have on your computer/laptop. By the way, Gameloop will automatically assign this.

5) Resolution: Put the resolution of your display. don’t forget to put this correctly as this affects the display and causes more lag if placed incorrectly.

6) Screen DPI: 240 is the best as it was officially mentioned by gameloop teams.

Model Category

In this category, you can change the model of your emulator. My suggestion is to choose a custom one and place ROG 2 onto it for an even greater experience!

Gameloop Model Category

Gameloop Model Category

Game Category

You can change the settings for a specific game. All the above-mentioned are for general games so to change settings for the specific games, go to the game category and have some changes.

Game Category

Game definition: If you have a 720p display monitor choose first other or for display above 720p and less than 2k display monitor, choose HD 1080p or choose 2k as your display monitor resolution.

Graphics Quality:  I would recommend choosing HD for high-end devices but for low-end devices, you can choose auto or smooth or balanced.

FPS: I suggest you place it to default.

For Old Version:

If you are still using an old version of the software, please upgrade. It will be better for your gaming in the long run!

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